Read an interesting take on motherhood from Sonia Kruger.

The headline was “My daughter is giving me love handles”.

Now before you get the opinion that she’s trying to shift the blame it’s actually something that I’m sure you can relate to.

I know I can.

Basically, she mentioned how she was able to lose most of the weight she put on during pregnancy when her daughter was a baby.

BUT here’s the big kicker.

As soon as the daughter started eating toddler food she started putting weight on.

Sure, she gave her normal snack food like carrot sticks and fruit and the like.

Like most decent parents do.

But there were also biscuits, ice creams and cheesy pasta.

Once again, like most decent parents do.

And therein lies the weight gain.

I know I’ve eaten more left overs off Emilys plate then I ever thought I would.

And it’s not me scooping up the veggies.

It’s the extra bit of spaghetti bolognese or whatever that she may leave.

Funny thing is I used to think before kids “how hard is it to just say no”.


Like most of us judge everything before we are actually in the same shoes.

Pretty naive right?

But I know i’m not the only one who has done that.

Anyways, the point of this is to reassure you that you’re not Robinson Crusoe if this is you.

Here’s the scary thing though.

One of the biggest reasons why women start to gain weight once they pass that magical big 4-0

(apart from snacking on your kids leftovers)

is that they start to lose lean muscle that used to be so effective at keeping your daily calorie burn high.

So here’s the kicker – if you’re not adjusting your food intake – i.e. eating less – you are going to put on those love handles.

I know I’m not talking out of school here, because let’s call a spade a spade – none of us are 21 anymore.

My body tells me that everyday…

But I also know that all is not lost.

As soon as you get some resistance training – even bodyweight training – happening, things start to change.

You can reverse it.

And also get that anti-aging benefit I mentioned the other day.

How can you do that?

With the DPM Personalised Online Coaching Plan of course.

Let me show you how.



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