Thought I’d give you a bit of a follow up of sorts from the news I mentioned last week on how Qantas were hoping to reducing their plastic use on planes.

This one comes from the Tesco supermarket chain in the UK and how they were trialing removing plastic from 45 fruit and veggie items.

They’re doing it for stuff like apples, bananas, avocados and the like. Things that can be bought individually without packaging basically.

Tesco last year actually said their aim was to stop  all hard to recycle packaging for all their products by the end of this year.

Seems a move in the right direction yeah?

Yes, it’s a bold statement and let’s see if they go through with it. But it’s getting the brownie points for actually doing something.

After all, if they can sell stuff like that separately why not just offer brown paper bags or something like that for those who want to buy a few of them.

Hopefully this type of thing catches on here with our supermarkets.

Sure, in a perfect world we’d all shop local and use the local fruit and veggie market where they don’t normally use as much plastic.

But in reality we both know that we grab stuff from these supermarkets every now and then. Right?

Which brings me to my point today.

We all need to move with the times or we get left behind.

After all, tell me I wasn’t the only one who resisted the urge to get a mobile phone when they first became ar regular thing, finally getting my younger sisters hand me down Nokia years later.

Eventually I wore down and got an iPhone too – years after they first came out.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned? But I caught on that things have to change.

Same goes for your training.

What are you doing differently to move things in the right direction?

You’ll notice if you’re already training with DPM that we’ve started doing a few different moves, or additions to normal moves in the last year or so.

Especially since the start of this year.

I’m always finding new ways to do things, or improve old things and I’m not too proud to change things up.

You should too.

I’ve even changed our food plan recommendations over the years to make them more user friendly which unsurprisingly results in a better compliance level when people actually follow them.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

And if you need help with that you know where to find me. Hit reply and let me know what’s up.



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