Continuing on with my worst dieting stories feature from the last week,
I bring you this one which I came across last week.

Pretty timely considering my competition I’m running at the moment, but hardly surprising.

And exactly the reason why I’m running this whole thing 

– to spread awareness about some of the dangerous stuff we’ve put ourselves through over the years,

in the hope that we can stop someone else from suffering the same fate if they stumble across this.

There was a story on A Current Affair last week on how a mum suffered a severe allergic reaction after taking a protein shake.

Another had a reaction to a pre-workout powder.

These pre workouts are a bit of a thing over the last couple of years.

Personally, I haven’t tried them.

But basically my understanding is it’s like a coffee on steroids.

It basically pumps you up for a workout so theoretically you can train harder.

Like I mentioned, I haven’t tried them, cause for me they haven’t been around long enough to prove there’s no long term side effects to it.

Same reason why I never tried creatine back in the day when I was younger (and obviously helps explain apart from bad genetics, why I’m not built like a brick outhouse). 

It hadn’t been around long enough at the time to prove it’s long term safety for me.

Now that’s a pretty much staple for people wanting to put on muscle mass legally.

There was also a lady mentioned in the story who died partly as a result of too much supplements mixed with a genetic condition that she wasn’t aware of.

All of this means you should be watching what you take if you do decide to take stuff.

That is why, when I do recommend protein powder, the only stuff I do recommend is Teresa Cutter’s Healthy Chef brand. 

There is literally less than a handful of ingredients and nothing artificial.
So you know exactly what you’re getting.

That’s not the only brand out there, but the one I like the best.

Important info for you to remember when looking for something that you might use as an addition to your diet if you decide to go down that path.

Have you ever fallen foul of these supplements or dodgy workout powders?

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