As you may have seen in the media the last few days, since Saturday there have been some new rules introduced to gyms and fitness studios.

If you’re not familiar, basically, they have to be staffed 100% of the time they’re open – meaning the 24 hour gym concept is dead unless you are going to have someone there which isn’t really feasible.

Especially when you consider a lot of those operations are sole traders.

They also must have a covid marshall or whatever you want to call them. Basically making sure people are doing the right thing I guess.

Now, none of this effects us at DPM.

The benefit of training outside means we don’t have to have as many stringent rules, thankfully.

And of course, we are still practicing social distancing during our workouts and the decision to not go back to actual boxing workouts the other week has proved to be a smart one.

So we’re running with that for now.

We’re also practising a bit of common sense too.

When we use tubes or rollers – you have that one for the whole workout and it gets sanitised afterwards.

We’re also avoiding any partner stuff now too.

But I feel for the gym owners. 

They’re getting the raw end of a stick – especially when the rules are state wide so even if you own a facility in a regional centre with no cases you still have to comply.

While a restaurant – which seems to be the biggest source of transmission so far this time around gets away with just asking people to sign in.

All of this makes me thankful that we operate our sessions in the great outdoors – even in winter.

And the good thing is now we’re into the last winter month and the sun is slowly rising that little bit earlier – all of which means we’ve done the hard yards and are on the home stretch to spring.

Just to reinforce what the experts say, you are less at risk in an outdoors environment for community transmission than in an enclosed area.
Which is another tick for outdoors exercise.

So keep doing what you’re currently doing, and if you are currently training in a gym environment and are looking for a change, please let me know and I’d love to help you out.


PS – and if you know someone who might benefit from some DPM outdoors action right now, please let me know

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