Following on from yesterdays positive news about the change in offical exercise guidelines, comes this little bit of research to help warm your heart.

Research from Iowa State University has found that resistance training for less than an hour a week can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke by 40-70%.

I’ll take that!

And the other interesting finding was that longer workouts didn’t necessarily mean your risk is reduced by even less.

I reckon a lot of this is because with longer workouts, especially in a gym environment, a lot of the time is spent just resting or wasting time.

In a shorter exercise routine you don’t have that luxury.

So when you’re there, you work.

This is great news to hear.

Not that I haven’t been trying to tell you this for the last however many years.

But when you see something in an official research finding, it just adds more weight to my argument.

All of this is pretty timely too, especially as we’re all getting busier now in the lead up to Christmas.

The other relevant finding from all of this research is it just confirms that what I’m doing with my Short ‘N Sweet book is right on the money.

Focusing on less is more.

And encouraging you to do 3 x 20 minute workouts a week – which ironically meets that criteria that the Iowa State researchers found to be effective.

Cause, sure, it’s pretty important and pretty cool to lose a few stubborn kilos,

but you can’t argue that reducing your risk of stroke and heart attack (especially with my family history) isn’t just as important – if not more so when it can potentially save your life.