Put this one down as another win for the team.

So if you’re currently doing your best to keep on top of your routine despite everything else you have going on in your life and despite winter and the cold and sometimes rainy days and any other excuse that people can come up with, then you’ll enjoy this one.

This is literally fresh research, well it was released just last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

And it found once again that the fitter you are, the lower your risk of cardiovascular death and also, like I have mentioned not too long ago, a lower risk of depression the older you get.

The average age of people in this study was 50 so it’s a pretty appropriate study for me to mention today seeing as it would have been my Dad’s 66 birthday if he was still around (and as you may recall me mentioning in the past, he was only 53 when he died from a heart attack).

I guess these findings hit home more for me considering all that.

And it’s a damn good thing I took the path I did cause I know what my future would’ve ended up likely looking like if I went down the same path he did.

I am after all just like him.

I like to eat.

The only difference is I like to drink too where he didn’t, so that would’ve made things even worse for me.

Not pretty at all if I went down the alternate path.

And I certainly wouldn’t be fitting into the clothes I fit in now.

If you’re looking for numbers from this study, being physically active in midlife (so hopefully where we are all at now) lead to a 16% lower risk of depression and a massive 56% lower risk of cardiovascular death.

That’s a huge difference for a heart attack risk!

If that’s not enough to keep you doing what you’re doing then I don’t know what else would hit the spot?

Maybe seeing your kids grow up? That’s my other motivating factor.

What about yours?


PS – while this is a good news story, I’ve got one for you tomorrow that’ll give you a laugh – at my expense.

Or just make you shake your head and wonder who you decided to associate yourself with. I’ll leave that for you to work out…

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