It seems the words I shared last week from Anna Meares went down well so today I have something else from her book which I’m in the middle of.

If there was an election for president of her fan club, I’d put my hand up.

And her story is a great one covering the highs and lows in her life and well worth the read if that is your thing.

I don’t really get too much into biographies these days, but I made an exception for Anna’s one.

These words are worth paying attention to:

“What if is driven by fear and doubt. 

What is is driven by a tangible, realistic assessment of the current situation”. 

Very important to remember.

We can only control what is in front of us.

Don’t let your mind or your self doubts side track you.

Focus on what the reality of a situation is.

Take a step back and try and take your blinkers off when assessing a situation.

When it comes to fitness and whatever goal you’re working towards this is especially true.

Focus on the one small step at a time you have to do each day to get where you want to go.

Don’t overcomplicate things by focusing on all the obstacles you face.

Focus on the one small thing you can do.

That is your what IS.

Make sense?


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