After a pretty serious topic on Friday, I thought I’d take a different angle today to something that is also a pretty serious topic.

There’s plenty of evidence around that you can use certain mood boosting foods to help improve your psychological wellbeing.

Complex carbs like you’ll find in stuff like veggies, fruit and rice and the like can help stabilise your mood cause they release the sugar slowly into your blood stream.

This is obviously the opposite effect that processed carbs give you.

But the benefit of the good carbs is one reason why I don’t recommend you to go totally carb free as part of your DPM plan.

Then there’s the antioxidants contained in bright coloured fruits and veggies help release the feel good hormones in your brain so they’re obviously a good thing.

They also help reduce inflammation in the body and we all know that if you’re in pain, you’re not exactly going to be feeling good about yourself.

So those two go hand in hand.

Don’t forget about Omega 3’s found in nuts and oily fishes too. You’ll also find them in eggs, seeds, leafy greens.

These are great for improving brain function and has been shown to slow down the progress of dementia.

There’s also some evidence which says it may help with depression too.

All of which help increase your overall mood.

And of course, the big buzz thing at the moment is gut health.

But did you know that looking after your gut can help improve your mood?

It’s true.

There’s a line of thought nowadays that a lot of our health is determined by what is going on in the gut,

so it stands to reason if we’re putting better things in our body and looking after our stomach and the make up of our microbiome,

then you’re going to be in a better mood when everything does what it should be doing.

Foods for these include kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi and other fermented foods.

There is something else too apart from these different types of foods that’ll help.

We both know that actual physical activity tops the list for improving your mood.

Especially when you do that physical activity with in a group environment.

The endorphins your brain produces after you finish means this can’t be topped for mine.

I’ve pointed out before how exercising in a group of like minded people is not only beneficial for your body, but also for your brain when you get to have a laugh and interact with others in your own age bracket and of similar life experiences.

If I can help you out there, or anyone you know,

I’d love to get you into action now the warmer weather is here at one of our DPM small group sessions in Lilyfield or Observatory Hill.

Just hit reply and let me know what you’re looking for, or please pass this onto a friend who may be looking for something to help them get started.