I’m looking for a diamond.

Maybe you’ve seen it?

Anyways, you know what diamonds are like?

They’re a little rough when you first dig them up.

They need a bit of love.

They need to be shined and polished.

Have you even sent your rock to a jeweler for a bit of polish and cleaning up?

Or whatever they do with their fancy machines.

You get the point I’m sure.

Anyways, when you get it back it’s brand spanking new.

That thing glimmers like the day you got it.

And that’s what I see in you.

That diamond is you.

Maybe right now you’re feeling a little bit out of sorts?

Maybe your tummy is a bit more flabby than it used to be before kids?

Maybe those sexy pair of skinny jeans haven’t seen the light of day for ever and a day?

Maybe you just want to be that shining diamond again?

Well now you have a chance.

Cause once we provide that little bit of polish and shine,

 Not only will you be feeling amazing.

You’ll be lighter.

Physically and mentally.

The extra stubborn kilos that you’ve been carrying can soon be a distant memory.

You can start having more energy that you’ve had since before you had kids.

Remember those days?

All you have to do is say yes.

 I’ve got a couple of personal training time slots available again for you:

– Wednesday and Friday morning 7:15am-7:45am

– Wednesday and Friday 12:00pm-12:30pm

Location is at either Dawes Point or Observatory Hill near The Rocks.



Hit reply and let me know.

First in best dressed.

You can either do both sessions in the time slot or even once a week if you need a tune up to complement the rest of your training.


PS – location doesn’t suit? Hit reply and let me know where you’re at and I’ll see if we can fit something in around my diary


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