Ring a ding ding,

We’re back to do our thing.

I’ll promise to stop the rhymes, 

so you don’t have to ask me two times.

Ok, I don’t think I missed my calling as a rapper. 

But regardless, today we’re back on deck for 2019. 

And as things stand right now here’s how the DPM calendar is shaping up now if our looking to either get back into a routine or start something new to commemorate the new year and work off some Christmas cheer. 

Small Group Availablities:

– Lilyfield: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at Leichhardt Oval # 3 = 5:40-6:40am

(if you’re interested in Fridays as of right now you’ll be sweet. When everyone is back on deck it may be waiting list only if things are the same as last year – so get in quick if you’re interested in those ones)

We traditionally box on Tuesday or Wednesday (usually alternating), but I’m tossing up with the idea of another boxing day this year. Let me know what you think of that?

– Observatory Hill: Tuesday and Thursday 7:15-7:45am

Boxing is Tuesday, Thursday is a circuit

– Observatory Hill Saturday: 8-9am

Personal training availability:

* Wednesday 1:30pm

* Thursday 11am or 12pm (or anywhere in between)

* Friday 12:30 or 1pm (or anywhere in between)

Also Tuesdays will again be available in February after Emily starts school. 

So if you’re interested in those days, which is currently a clean slate cause last year was Daddy Day Care, then hit me up – anytime after 8am is available after the usual morning groups are done.

And of course if you, or someone you know is interested in finding out more about what we do, and the small group training options available, you can always do so here

Looking forward to seeing you soon and working with you this year.

PS – if you still haven’t grabbed a copy of my book, and you’re looking for a fresh start to get you back on track you can still grab a copy here for only $20.