Ok action time again.

Just like in Snow White I’m going to ask the mirror on the wall for the answer this week.

In this case, you’re the mirror, mirror on the wall.

And instead of asking who is the fairest of them all,

(I think my brain has been numbed from too many fairytales…)

I want you to ask yourself this for a challenge I want to set you this week:

“what do I have to do this week to make it a better week than last week”

For you it might be something as simple as actually doing something.

Going for a walk, turning up to your scheduled workouts, or having someone to be accountable to.

Or it may be something more deeper if you’re on top of things.

Something like a 3 day detox straight outta the DPM game plan.

Something like realising you might need a bit more direction with your workout plan.

Or maybe it’s just getting outside and getting in a walk or two for good measure.

So mirror, mirror, on the wall, what is it this week?

Interested in finding out how I can help you get that mirror, mirror on the wall working in your favour?

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