Lets take an excursion today.

Are you in?

This one is inside the mind of a lady, let’s call her Sarah.

Sarah is a fictional character in this instance.

But I can guarantee you while this Sarah is a fictional character,

there’s Sarah’s every single day.

You may well know one yourself.

Or you may be like Sarah.

Let me set the scene.

She sees how perfect everyone else’s life seems to be when she’s scrolling through her facebook or Insta feeds.

Sure she’s happy for them.

They seem to have it all.

After all every single post and photo is all rainbows and sunshine.

How their perfect 3 year old kid just solved the rubix cube type of thing.

Always comparing everything back to her life.

And everything that seems to not be right or perfect.

And you know what?

She feels like a failure.

Does this sound familiar?

But here’s the deal.

I just want to reinforce that social media is a highlight reel.

Sure you know this.

But it doesn’t hurt to have it reinforced from time to time.

Not too many people are going to go on facebook and say something that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

There’s definitely a filter and it’s not to make your photo look better.

It’s to block out reality.

Sure everyone isn’t like this, but it happens as I know you’re aware of.

You’ll never see their kid cracking a tantrum cause they don’t want to eat dinner.

Or because they woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Some like to keep it real, and some like to keep off it totally.

Or some like the highlight reel.

And we all get sucked in so this isn’t a high and mighty preach cause we all do it.

More so it’s just a reminder that everything isn’t as it seems.

So don’t be too harsh on yourself and how you supposedly don’t stack up compared to everyone else.

Back yourself in.

Cause after all, you must be doing something right if you’re turning up day in and day out and your kids still have food on the table and clothes on their back.

And you’re reading this after all.


Different tact today but it was on my mind.

I hope you get where I was coming from without coming across as a condescending w@nker.


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