Are you one of the many people who suffer from migraines?

If this is you, and thankfully for me, it isn’t, I hope what i have found to share with you today will help you.

According to this story here, migraines affect women three times more than men.

Interestingly, they are also the worlds most frequently diagnosed neurological problem.

There also seems to be a genetic predisposition which you are no doubt aware of if you have them – chances are your family members do too.

But there is hope with some treatment. 

The only downside is this isn’t listen on the PBS yet, meaning it costs an arm and a leg.

So in the meantime, most people are no better off unfortunately.

Sure, there are triggers which seem to set some people off = from red wine, to chocolate, to perfume etc.

You obviously know what sets you off.

Short message today, but rest assured there is research being done to hopefully put an end to your migraines.

And if that drug gets the go-ahead for the PBS things will get a lot easier.

Hope it gives you something to hang onto anyways.


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