I heard in the media the other day that this week is Men’s Health Week so I thought it was a good time to draw more awareness for blokes to look after themselves.

This is obviously more than just from the fitness side of things.

Not to downplay the importance of that – that is the key to everything at the end of the day.

But we also can’t stick our heads in the sand about other issues that tend to creep up as we get older.

Some things aren’t pleasant to discuss with your doctor, and I’ve been there before too, but sometimes we have to swallow our pride and do what’s right for ourselves, but more importantly for our families.

According to the stats on the Men’s Health Week website, men live 4.4 years less than women on average, but what is concerning is that the last 11 years of that life is in poor health.

Obviously that’s not everyone, but you need a large majority to make up that data.

And that is not good.

So it’s time to step up fellas.

Prioritise your health cause even if you can’t be arsed – think of your kids and how they’d be left to fend for themselves if you weren’t around.

Short one today, but do something before it becomes too late.

And if you need help on the exercise front, or your partner does, I’d love to help out before they become another one of those statistics.


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