I guess I’m just a simple man,

But there’s one thing I can’t get my head around,

and maybe you’re the same?

I don’t know.

But to me it seems like a massive waste of time and money with all of this living on Mars talk.

I cannot fathom why so many smart people are focused on making this a reality.

Especially when it takes so long to get there,

and a place you can’t even come home from!

Is it just me?

There seems to be way bigger fish to fry closer to home.

Something like putting all that money towards helping more people who actually need it.

And focusing on the immediate problems that need solving,

instead of dreaming about something that we thought looked cool in a Matt Damon movie.

But, like I said earlier, maybe I’m just a simple man…

All of this running around scheming and dreaming about plans and how great the future can be reminds me of one thing a little closer to home.

You know how we sometimes get carried away with how great things are going to be when XYZ happens?

Instead of focusing on what we actually have to do that should be the immediate priority.

Say for example you’re dreaming about losing those stubborn 5-10kg that you just cannot shake.

Despite everything you’ve tried.

But yet you’re still dreaming about making it happen ‘one day’,

even though you may not know how you’re going to do it.

So rather than just obsess over the end result that may never even happen 

(especially if all you do is daydream about it happening) 

here’s something simple that every single one of us can apply starting right now.

Start with the first step.

Focus on the one thing that you can do today that will make that end journey possible.

What would that be for you?

Just doing something as simple as not reaching for that diet coke when you need a caffeine hit?

Or maybe getting out this arvo and stretching the legs for a walk around the block?

Or maybe not getting that take away for dinner tonight on the way home and just whip up a quick veggie stir fry and throw a can of beans in.

That’ll take less than 10 mins and tastes better than you think.

The kids will even love it.

Make sense?

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