What’s your take on the face mask thing?

Hopefully you haven’t had a Karen at Bunnings moment, but it seems it’s going to be something that we might have to get our head around for a little while yet.

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago with the uncertainty over numbers increasing, and the likelihood that we’d possibly have them implemented here, like some businesses have since encouraged, I thought I’d go and get some printed up.

It’s not a mask like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, but I’ve got some new DPM masks that arrived on Friday for anyone who is interested in grabbing one.

There’s a couple of large and mediums for sale at $15 which is pretty much cost price. 

And they’re made here, with a Brisbane delivery address so you can rest assured they aren’t from a virus infected place.

If you want to see what they’re like, you can see them here

To be clear, they don’t have a filter or the 3 layered ones, they are simple pieces of washable material that will at least make people feel more comfortable next time you’re doing your shopping.

The material is best described as like a quick dry type material so you could wash it overnight and it’d be sweet by the morning.

I got them just for personal use but got a couple of extra (cause it was actually cheaper to order 10) then to buy a couple at full price.

So if you want one, like I said, happy to pass on to you at $15.

Just let me know and I can hook you up the next time I see you.

The only thing I will let you know is they didn’t come individually wrapped and sealed so I’d give them a wash first before you use them.


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