Time for an update of the current leaderboard update as we head into the second week of March.

Remember I’m putting up $200 cash until the end of March to the DPMer who has the most points in the encourage a friend to join promotion.

If it’s tied, like it currently is, the kitty will be split.

All you have to do is encourage a friend to come and check out the 2 week test drive to any of our small group sessions (excluding Friday morning which is waiting list at the moment).

That gives you 1 point.

They join at the end of that trial period you get another point.

Here’s the leaderboard as things stand now:

Jayne – 2

Scott – 2

Georgie – 1

Remember, there’s still just over 3 weeks to go, so the race is still open.

And remember, if you introduce a friend who takes up one of my 1-on-1 personal training spots, you get 3 points straight away and jump straight to the lead.

If you do know someone who is interested in checking it out, you can send them to this link to register for their 2 week free test drive or get them to drop me a line.

Appreciate you spreading the word.


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