Whenever I come across a ‘celebrity’ giving their advice on how to drop a few kgs, it always grabs my attention.

And like I said, make of this advice what you will.

But you may find it interesting.

Susie Eleman (remember her?) was in the headlines recently with her take on it all.

Apparently she’s struggled for a while with her battle (her whole life in fact).

Now, I haven’t followed her closely to know what she’s normally like and whether it’s been an Oprah Winfrey style where it was up and down for so long,

but I guess if you were in the public eye it’s always going to be pretty obvious.

Especially if you’re on tv which I think she was from memory?

Anyways, her two cents to help you get on top of your ‘skinny jeans mission’ is a bit out of left field.


And lots of it.

I censored it so it didn’t get sent to your junk box.

But what do you think?

It makes sense.

And it’s nothing to snicker at.

Think about it.

Your heart rate gets up.

You’re doing a physical exercise.

You’re burning calories.

You get the feel good endorphins that exercise normally produces.

Just to a higher degree.

Now while I can’t help you with the bedroom side of things.

Not being the guy that sleeps with his clients unlike plenty of other trainers and all that type of stuff

You could say that I’m reassuringly old fashioned I guess.

That may not be ideal if you like the idea of that affair with your trainer for bragging rights,

But it is what it is 

Anyways, I figure you’re not here for that.

Cause there’s plenty of younger trainers out there than me to start with!

So there you go.

Make of this info what you will.

But a bit of extra ‘cardio’ is only going to help you in the long run.

If you needed anymore convincing…


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