So it looks like the magic 8 ball is saying ‘all signs point to yes’ in relation to running a final DPM 6 Week Challenge to see us into the back end of the year.

Thank you for the positive interest in this. 

It seems that if we run a couple a year – spaced out then it just gives people something to target and aim for.

And if that’s the case then I’m all for it.

We don’t need a heap of people on board, but if we’re getting 5-6 or so then it makes sense to run it.

Stay tuned if you have registered your interest, cause my plan is to sit down tomorrow and plan out how it will look in detail, 

but looking at my calendar – the start date will be 2 weeks from today – October 26, meaning we’ll be done by Sunday December 6.

If you have any suggestions that can be implemented for this round, especially if you’ve been a part of previous rounds then I’m all ears.

And if you haven’t joined any of our previous rounds cause of a particular thing that was missing, I’m also keen to hear what that is so we can see if that can be implemented this time around.

This’ll be a good one to wrap the year up and I’m keen to see what we can achieve this time around.


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