Stating the blatant obvious thing here – none of us are getting any younger.

Sure, there’s some things we can do to help us slow down then ageing process.

Things like eating pretty decent most of the time, working out of course and anything else in between.

But from time to time, there’s things that are going to creep up and bite us in the backside.

Over the recent school holidays I noticed that a couple of people were getting some niggles doing stuff that they don’t normally do.

Something like sitting for too long driving from point a to point b or even mucking around with the kids can often lead your back to play up.

As you may know, my back is pretty ordinary – both lower back from time to time, but more so my neck.

So I know what it feels like when you have an episode where even getting out of bed can cause you to grimace in agony.

Thankfully for me it’s been a good few years since I last had a serious flareup.

Probably no coincidence that I now get a regular monthly massage to help stop that.

So that’s one option for you – do you need to slot in a regular massage?

And not one of those relaxing ones, but one that may not be enjoyable but effective – so you need to find a decent remedial/sports therapist who can get to know your body and what it needs.

The other thing to think about is stretching.

So if you’re going away or have something different than normal lined up, try and throw a roller in the car too. Spend a couple of minutes at the end of a day hitting some of those trigger points.

If you’re flying somewhere and can’t take a roller – even one of those trigger point massage spiky balls will do the job.

Failing all that. Just stretch.

Stretch your lower back.

Your glutes.

Your hip flexors.

They are all the triggers for a lower back pain flare up.

But above all – keep moving.

Even just low intensity, slow walks will help you recover faster than doing nothing.

So yes, getting old does suck, but we can do what we can to get you back to normal if you have a flare up, or even prevent it in the first place.


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