Last week I was reminded of a few videos that I recorded 8 years ago with a local podiatrist and I thought it would be appropriate to go back and revisit them cause they address a problem that you may well have.

So, if you love wearing high heels, but don’t love the pain that can arise from wearing them (not that I’m speaking from first hand experience!),

you’ll love these old videos of mine.

I interviewed Kate McArthur for her insight into what women can do to help them.

But the towel exercise that Kate recommends in the first one is a winner.

Give it a go.

In fact, even if you don’t wear heels, this foot grab with the towel is a great one to help relieve plantar fasciitis.

So check em out and give the exercise a go.


PS – as a footnote, in the video it mentions that Kate works at City Clinic, however she now works at City Feet according to her LinkedIn profile so if you’re looking for her you’ll find her there.