This is a follow up from the message yesterday about the checklist you need to cross off for it to be considered a successful week.

What I’m going to hit today is around what happens if that checklist doesn’t necessarily get crossed off as you planned.

As in everything that you wanted to get done.

Is the week a failure then?

Well if you’re looking at black and whites, then maybe.

But maybe you’re placing unrealistic expectations on yourself too.

That’s always a possibility.

So let’s look at it from the point that you’re not taking the easy way out and giving yourself a pass mark for no reason, but let’s look at a couple of scenarios that might pop up.

Maybe your kid gets sick and things get thrown out the window.

Maybe your partner had to work back and you missed your scheduled workout.

Maybe your sick yourself and obviously need to give yourself some slack and put the brakes on for a little bit until you recover.

Whatever the case there’s always something that can pop up and we sometimes need to be flexible.

So what if you got 2 workouts in instead of your planned 3?

Failure or still progressing?

To me it’s kinda obvious that you’re still looking good and making progress.

So long as you’re not making the same excuses week in week out of course.

And on the flip side you might have been even better on the no midweek drinking or whatever rule you set yourself.

Hopefully this helps your accountability and just provides another reminder that you don’t have to be perfect – just aim for progress and show some consistency in the long run



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