Have you ever had something to do that should be so mind-numbingly simple,

but takes forever cause of unforeseen things that get in the way of what should’ve been a quick job?

Normally with something to do around the house.

For me it is anyways.

Let’s just say that Bunnings has never been my favourite store.

I’m more a Dan Murphys type of guy myself…

Last week I was putting together a new shelf set for Emily that I picked up.

Can’t be that hard. 

3 pages of instructions.

Yep. I got this.

Yeah nah.

It had me doing my head in.

There were a few F bombs thrown around.

Anyways, I decided I had to walk away and leave it for a few hours as I was going nowhere.

Came back with a cooler head and realised I hadn’t read the instructions properly.

One of the shelves was in the wrong place.

Hence why it seemed to take forever to get nowhere with my screw not screwing in like it should have.

Face palm!

When it was in the right place it literally took 10 minutes to put together.

But it cost me an extra hour or so of doing my head in.

All of that reminded me of whenever someone realises they’ve put on weight and decide to finally do something about it.

You might have a friend in this position right now.

They tell themselves

“I got this”

“It’s easy. Move more and eat less crap”

“I know what to do, it can’t be that hard”

Or is it?

Same as me with that book case thing.

I thought I knew exactly what I needed to do and could just brush over the instructions.

After all, it looked so simple.

And all pieces looked the same at a quick glance.

So rather than you waste their time like I did,

only to get the sh!ts and give up when it doesn’t work,

How about you encourage them to leave it to the pros?

Me in this case.

Cause that’s what I know.

And to make it easier for them I’ve been able to come up with just the right eating plan and exercise plan to allow you to lose those stubborn 5-10kg

All without having to give your life up.
And lock yourself away and live like a nun for a month just to see any progress.

You can reassure them they even get to enjoy their cheeky wines after the kids go to bed.

So they could try and do it themselves,

Or you could suggest they get the pro in and make it happen a lot quicker.

Without the frustration.

invite them along for 2 weeks on the house to check out what we do.

If they are a good fit for us,

then you’ll both score a $200 dinner gift card each to any restaurant that you each choose as soon as they’ve been part of DPM for 6 months.

Send them here:


Thanks in advance.



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