Time to give you another bit of home workout action to tide you over this weekend.

Especially with it being a long weekend and us having no session on Monday.

So, as per my usual workouts that I post on here, this one is all bodyweight training.

Of course you can make it harder by using a roller or mini bands etc, but it is perfectly fine without any of that.

And this one is all timer based – so you don’t need to count reps.

Just set your timer to 30-30 second rounds – so straight from one exercise to the next no break. 

1. Reverse Lunges Left Side

2. Reverse Lunges Right Side

3. Up & Overs

4. Cardio Scissors

5. 1 Arm Wall Push Ups Left Side

6. 1 Arm Push Ups Right Side

7. Monster Walks

8. Reverse Helicopters

1 round will take 4 mins total. The goal is 4 sets – so 16 mins total workout.

Let me know what you think if you give it a go.

Enjoy the long weekend.


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