So what’s the go for the long weekend?

Get away with the fam?

Or enjoy the Monday morning sleep in at home?

I know I’m looking forward to a Sunday arvo on the lounge watching the all the grand finals.

Hopefully the girls co-operate and grant me that wish.

Anyways, if you’re like me and planning to have a few more drinks and food than normal – there will be chips and the like out and the beer will start earlier than usual for a Sunday,

then you have to do some work before hand to ‘earn’ them.

So my game plan will include a walk on Saturday arvo and a quick bodyweight workout on Sunday morning.

And a follow up bodyweight workout on Monday morning as well seeing as I should have the opportunity to get one in. 

You may be wondering about the types of workouts I’ll be doing?

Well, they’ll be short and sweet bodyweight workouts – just like the ones that will be included in my book.

Yes, that’s still happening.

And I’ll have more news on this update next week.

It’s taken longer than expected, but it’s getting closer to completion which is exciting.

So, the take away for today’s little email is to enjoy the sleep in on Monday morning if you normally come to our Lilyfield early morning group, 

but if you don’t normally have a chance to get in some type of exercise over a normal weekend, the extra day might give you that opportunity to get something in.

Whatever that may be.

Use that chance.

Especially if you’re planning a few extra drinks on the weekend and don’t want to lose your progress that you’ve been making.

So what’s your plan?


PS – and if you’re looking for some workout ideas to get your head around check out some of these here on my blog = theres plenty more to find but here’s 3 examples 

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