How many times have you told yourself that you’re going to do something, only for it to go in to the too hard basket again and again?

My hand’s up, I can guarantee you that.

Cause for weeks now I had been telling myself that I really should have a couple of alcohol free weeks just to break the cycle.

Not because I’m sick of drinking, cause that day will never come!

More so I just realised that I was using the same excuse too often – it’s steak night, better have a red.

Spag Bol for dinner, better have a red.

The footy’s on, whisky time.

And I’ve been telling myself that it’s time to break the cycle.

Could also do with dropping a kilo or two as well.

So I finally drew that line in the sand on the weekend.

Steak night on Sunday night and nope no wine.

Even got through the Origin the other night when it was always customary to have a wine/whisky or four.

Felt better for it on Thursday morning too I can tell you that…

My crazy Origin night was drinking a peppermint tea.

It just needed to be done – to give myself the challenge and prove once again that it’s not that hard.

And just like anything you want to change, the hardest thing is actually drawing that line in the sand and breaking the cycle.

Once the first week is out of the way it just becomes the new norm.

Whether that’s having a break from the drink or starting a new exercise routine.

Now I don’t plan on this lasting for ever.

Maybe not even a month.

Just a few weeks to tidy things up again.

I don’t share this with you to brag or for a look at me moment.

It’s just to prove to you that, like you, I’m human and have my vices.

And that I can put on an extra kilo or three here and there.

It happens.

I’m definitely not genetically blessed.

So if you’re in the same boat, you definitely don’t get judged at DPM cause that’ll be a bit hypocritical of me right?

More that I get where you’re at and where you’re coming from.

Maybe there’s something you’ve been telling yourself that you should do?

Is it time yet to draw that line in the sand and just get started?

Only you can answer that.


PS – if you know someone who might need a bit of a DPM line in the sand time (without judgement), let me shout them 2 weeks to check us all out.

Pass them this email or send them this link below so they can get amongst it:


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