Despite my youthful appearance,

you may be surprised to know that I’ve been doing this whole fitness thing for 18 years later this month. 

Actually, to be honest, my appearance is definitely not youthful,

but hopefully when you look at me and find out that I’m 40, you don’t think to yourself “Well, he sprinted” cause you think I should be much older…

And just to show how long ago it was, back when I got my first job – working in a hotel gym, it was on the back of my uni degree (which was Health Science).

You didn’t even need an official certificate three qualification back then.

It was on the way in, just not the law yet.

And there was no certificate 4 for personal training.

So, yeah I’ve been around a while and seen a lot of changes (some good and some bad come through).

Of course, I did end up getting those qualifications though, just to put your mind at ease. But you also can’t buy experience.

Since then the only break I’ve had was a 3 month stint working in a summer camp for the final time back in 2002.

After that it was a corporate gym, where I met a bunch of people who are still DPMers to this day.

Like I’ve said, I’ve seen a bit over the years and have outlasted a lot of competition.

Next month DPM is actually 13 years old.

Just hope that those teenage years in business are easier then the teenage years in life with your hormones going all over the place!

I’ve made the mistakes in the past, so those who train with us now get to benefit from all of that.

Find out what works, and improve what doesn’t.

A good rule to follow for anything don’t you think?

This walk down memory lane today was prompted by me looking back and reflecting on what to put on the back cover for my book, a blurb so to speak about my experience and the like.

Hopefully, it also gives you a bit of reassurance that to last this long, and to see and outlast all the different trends that have come and gone in those last 18 years, that what I do at DPM is in fact the real deal.

And hopefully, like a fine bottle of red wine, I’m getting better with age.

When I first started outdoor training there was only a couple of others doing it in the same spots.

Now there’s dozens – especially in the city.

And there’s been dozens and dozens more who’ve come and gone in that time. Especially when the industry average is only something like 18 months then they pack it in and go and get a ‘real job’.

So, while I may be a bit more seasoned, that’s a positive, cause I know what you’re going through and I can understand that this isn’t your only focus in your life.

The only downside I guess is if you were looking to train with the hot young trainer, you’d be left feeling a bit short changed!

Thanks for being part of this, whether it’s as a long term DPMer, or someone who’s just recently found us.

There’s plenty more to come.