With the lack of anything decent on night-time tv these days (sport excluded), I’ve taken to watching Seinfeld reruns most nights after the kids are in bed when there’s no basketball on.

I don’t have enough time to watch a full show on Stan or whatever before I go to bed, so the 30 minute Seinfeld episode gets a good look in.

And despite it being 21 years since the show finished, it still is just as good.

Even if the fashions of the day haven’t aged well, the jokes still have.

Just like that nice red that only gets better with age, I think it’s the same with Seinfeld and with what we’ve got going on at DPM.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming to be as funny as Seinfeld. 

My in-depth research has shown that my humour works up to the toddler age then goes downhill after that.

But I’m talking about the longevity, something that is still relevant all these years later.

Without any hint of doubt I can honestly say I’m better at what I do now then I was when I first started this back in 2005.

And go back even further to 2000 when I started in the fitness industry.

Even the stuff I’ve picked up in the last couple of months has proven to be beneficial to the DPMers – with just a few simple additions to our training – exercise wise and warm up wise.

I’m learning.

It goes to show that we’re never too old or set in our ways to change.

Which brings me to this question – what ‘new thing’ are we now doing that you’ve enjoyed seeing added – and on the flip side -what ‘old thing’ would you want to see brought back in?

Providing it’s not counter productive these days (ie been shown to not be that effective or worse) I’m happy to look into it.



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