There’s one thing I’m certain of,

There’s usually a better way to do most things.

And what I needed to do the other day (getting stuff sorted for Jade) could’ve been done online.

Minus the 40 minute wait.

And very easily too.

But what would I know?

Now being able to do that stuff online wasn’t exactly my lightbulb moment,

but it gave me this thought which, following on the better way to do things, was my lightbulb moment:

Is there something that I’m doing at DPM which could be done better?

Is there something that I’m not doing that I could be doing?

What would you like to see?

I’m always open to feedback and happy to implement some changes if it’ll help your experience.

Just like the music thing this year with our Lilyfield group.

That’s gone down real well.

We’ve also added in some challenge workouts every week or two that make you work a little bit harder than you normally would.

Once again, due to feedback.

Remember the challenge for you might be just getting to a workout. So you’re still working at your own pace and modifying what you need.

But, if there’s something that you’d like to give your two cents on, let me know.

Either hit reply and mention it, or let me know during one of our sessions.

Cause the end result is your DPM experience improving.

And that’s what I want as much as you do.


PS – Don’t forget to grab a friend (or someone who used to train with us and we haven’t seen for a while) and encourage them to join for their own 2 week test drive.

Tell them we’ve changed a few things and I’ll hook you up with a couple of rewards when they join…


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