Well we made it to 2021!

If I was a millennial or whatever they’re called now, I’d say lessgooo or whatever they say. 

But I’m not and I won’t try and use words I don’t understand.

A lot of people were happy to get rid of last year, you may have been one of them, and happy to start this year with a blank slate.

That could be a good or bad thing.

As the meme that went around last month said, ‘what if 2021 says hold my beer to 2020?’ or words to that effect.

That rings true to a degree.

Eventually job keeper will stop.

Eventually some businesses will realise they’re running on borrowed time and borrowed money and it isn’t feasible anymore.

So things may go pear shaped.

But on the flip side, they may not.

Our economy is seemingly in a better shape than it was forecasted.

People are still spending money.

All of this just goes to show that you can go down any angle, it depends on your attitude on how you want to approach it.

So I’m approaching this year with excitement.

We control how we approach it.

Sure there’s some things we can’t control – last year proved that in spades.

But we got through it and we’re here now. 

With a couple of lessons learned.

It’s up to you what angle you want to take this year.

You always have a choice.

And if you chose to focus on you this year, then I’m here for you and want to help you.

How can I help you get where you want to be?

If you’re already attending DPM action – let me know something you want to work on and I’ll make a note in my diary (yes I still use an old school paper one) and follow up with you in a month to see how you’re tracking.

If you’re not currently working with me, can we change that?

What can we make work realistically around your schedule this year?

The one big positive out of last year was the addition of the zoom workouts.

Which means you can join us wherever you are – as some DPMers have done on their holiday, or even in hotel quarantine.

Maybe it’s time for another 6 week challenge kicking off in a couple of weeks?

What do you want and how can I help with whatever goals you have set for yourself?

We’re back on deck with DPM this Wednesday, but even though today is a day with my girls I am happy to respond after my lunch time nanna nap this arvo when they’re in quiet time.

See you soon.


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