Got something to run by you.

Something you may be interested in….

Been a while since we’ve done a lunch small group session at DPM and as I’m starting my planning now for what’s going on in January,

I thought lets bring it back.

It’ll be in the same location as we used to do it – Dawes Point in the CBD.

You’ll know it if you were on board before.

If not I’m happy to explain more to you if you’re interested.

BUT here’s the deal:

It’s not a given yet.

I’m testing the waters.

So if a short and sharp lunch session is something that you can see working for you and your schedule in 2017 let me know.

Cause obviously it won’t get off the ground if there’s nothing but crickets in response…

Now to the important details:

TIME: 1:15-1:45pm

DAY: Wednesday

PROPOSED START DATE: Wednesday January 11

LOCATION: As mentioned Dawes Point (under the Harbour Bridge)

So what say you?


It can only happen if there’s enough numbers.

Minimum 7 people.

Reply if you’re interested and I’ll add you to the waiting list.

We get enough numbers we start back again in January.

Over to you…


PS – the waiting list is now open to get on board for all January time slots.

Hit reply if you’re interested and I can fill you in with more details


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