As I hinted at the other day, I was planning to sit down yesterday and get some more concrete steps in place for the next 6 week challenge.

The interest is positive so let’s run with and the timing is just right to see us start and wrap up before the Christmas season kicks into another gear – or as much as can be this year with things.

So here’s the game plan:

Start date: Monday October 26 (2 weeks from yesterday)

Finish date: Sunday December 6

– A 3 week bodyweight focused home workout for you to follow for stage 1 (weeks 1-3) available via the Trainerize app that you’ll receive a 6 weeks access pass to

– A second 3 week workout to see you through the back end (weeks 4-6) also via trainerize

– weekly check ins to see how you’re travelling and to set some focuses if need be

– support via a private whats app group where we can share recipes or support and also a daily challenge that will be something small (eg focusing on drinking more water or tracking sleep or going for a short walk etc)

Your reward upon successful completion: A new edition DPM t-shirt that will only be available via this for now

And your investment? $99 like last time.

Join The DPM Spring 6 Week Challenge Here

And here’s the thing, if there’s something here that I’m missing that you want to see as part of this, 

please let me know and if it’s going to help with your compliance and achieving what you want out these 6 weeks,

then let me know and we can put in.

Cause like the last one, people want different things out of it.

And the thing I’ve learned from the last couple of challenges is that it’s more successful when people are working towards their own goal instead of an overall objective of the program be that weight loss or whatever we may have done in the past.

This will be appropriate whether you’re doing strictly in person sessions or a combination of both.

And of course you can do this strictly via the online version if you can’t make our sessions in person.

Your workouts will be covered of course by the ones provided and any additional stuff you may want to add in.

You may ask who it’s relevant for?

Basically anyone who needs a bit of extra accountability right now.

Maybe you have a short term goal you want to cross off before the year ends.

Maybe it’s a long term goal that you’re close to achieving and just need some help with the final bit?

Whatever it is we can work towards it together.

So if you want in on the next challenge, you can grab your spot for only $99 here.

Got any questions about it, or whether it’d be appropriate for you?

Just hit reply and ask away.


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