You’re probably aware of the old saying that to be an expert at something you need to have clocked up at least 10,000 hours practice.

Which, if you’re going by a traditional 40 hour work week will probably take 5 years or so.

Now, with this point today I’m not actually talking about what you actually do for your day job.

I’m talking about your fitness and exercise routine.

Cast your mind back to back when you first started working out.

It might have been as a teenager and you wanted to do a bit of this and bit of that to keep you up with whatever sport you played and you’ve kept it going one way or another until this day.

On the flip side, you may not have done anything structured until much later in life and be a recent starter.

Or you might be somewhere in the middle and have done a lot back in the day, but life got in the way and you had a lot of time off, only getting back into it in the last few years.

Have you picked a side yet?

There’s no wrong side.

Just trying to show you that if you’re currently at the point where things seem like they’re always hard then you just need to get the practice in.

And what I’m going to share now will explain this even further.

So now obviously you’re not training for 40 hours a week.

That puts the 5 year expert thing out the window.

Let’s be generous and say you’ve got 5 hours a week of activity pretty much each week. A combination of walks and working out.\

Now with that in mind, it’s going to take you the best part of 40 years to be an expert – and that’s not taking into account any long term breaks you might have.

The point of this isn’t to make you feel bad.

More so the exact opposite.

If things are feeling hard or it seems like a struggle with your workout at times -that is exactly why.

You’re hardly an expert yet!

You just have to keep putting the work, and the reps, in.

And on the flip side anyways, when things do start to get easier we make them harder for you.

So your body is constantly changing and improving.

Hopefully this ‘rephrasing the game’ helped and keeps your head (and in turn body) in the game over the next few colder months.


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