An article caught my eye on Tuesday about career late bloomers.
And how some people don’t find their right career path until many years down their workforce life.

Does that ring true for you?

I guess like anything in life, sometimes you have to try a few things out before you find something that sticks.

For me, before the fitness industry I was a bartender and worked in summer camps in the US for a few years to subsidise my travel experiences.

It was only after I got sick of the smokers cough when I didn’t even smoke that I figured that I should pursue other things.

Of course those were the days when you could still smoke in a bar.
Fast forward now to this gig (after a few industry related detours before hand) 

All  of this got me thinking about that late bloomer thing for fitness.

Over the years I’ve had a fair share of DPMers come to me initially with no training experience – which is kinda cool.

They soon realise that it’s not what they think it will be like.

They don’t get flogged until they vomit.

They don’t get judged because they can’t keep up with everyone else.

They can work around whatever injuries and limitations might have stopped them from doing something previously.

People work their path at their pace.

The cool thing is they pick up things pretty quick.

It doesn’t take long to start enjoying things and seeing the benefits.

In fact, you can even argue that they get a quicker response because they’ve come from doing absolutely nothing.

So even with adding a little bit, the difference is quite noticeable very early on.

And it just goes to show that it’s never too late to start, or resume if you haven’t done anything for years.

We’re not some crossfititng gym that posts shirts off selfies.

Each to their own, but we’re a bit different, and proudly so.

Here’s to all the ‘late fitness bloomers’ amongst us all, cause I’ll give anyone credit who wants to do something to change the way things are currently standing for them.