What’s the weirdest thing you googled last year?

Big brother was watching and it made for an interesting list.

Some of the weird ones? Do you know what perineum sunning is?
If you didn’t it’s exposing your anus to the sun apparently.

True story.

You’re welcome…

But as for some of the most popular workout trends that were searched here’s a couple for you that we cover well.

Plank exercises.

We’ve got quite a few up our sleeve – side to side hovers, rockin hovers, roller rollouts, side plank pumps, elephant side planks, tummy touches, ankle taps, forearm or hand walks, normal side planks and of course the normal hover hold are all some of the variations that we use.

One of the interesting searches was for plantar fasciitis exercises.

If you’ve had this it’s a punish. It’s a pain under your heal or foot that hurts like a you know what and it’s worse first thing in the morning. I’ve had 2 cases of this over the years.

The most recent one I got on top of took me the best part of a year but I found a great resource for that (two actually) which really helped me.

Let me know if you want them and I’ll send them through to help with your issues. 

As for the top dieting trend of last year?

It was for intermittent fasting.

It’s interesting to see that this is still a popular topic of curiosity for people for the last few years. And it seems more and more people are embracing this style of eating.

I know it works for me and I’ve written about it a few times over the years.

You can find all those links here.

It’s nice to see a decent food trend as the top search instead of some crazy and dangerous fad.

See you Monday morning for those back in action and if you’re looking for some help this year, or know someone who is, I appreciate you passing my details on.

My diary does have a few vacancies and I’d love to fill them with you and or your friends ASAP. Just hit reply and we can organise a quick chat to work out what might be the best fit for you and them moving forward


PS – if there’s something in particular that you want to focus on this year, let me know that too and we can plan that action out


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