I know a lot of DPMers have already rsvp’d yes or no, but today I wanted to put out a final call out to see whether you’re joining us on Sunday making it through 2020.

Yep the DPM Christmas Drinks (and lunch) has come around already and if you are keen to come but haven’t let me know, please do so by COB today.

I want to finalise numbers which as you can appreciate is essential right now with everything going on.

Just a reminder, it’s 12-2pm this Sunday at Cargo Bar at King St Wharf.

The good thing about here is it’s an outdoor environment (with appropriate shade cover) that isn’t usually too busy and the food and drink goes alright.

Plus we’re done before the kids (as in 18 year olds) take over and turn the place into a nightclub.

I’m too old for that rubbish.

But come and join us, I’d love to have a drink with you.

Please let me know as I said by close of business today if you can join us.


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