We’re told these days not to label things or people but there’s a push to label foods and drinks with exercise advice.

Like for example let’s say a chocolate bar is labeled with 1 hour of walking to burn off, the theory is it might help people eat less.

What’s your two cents?

The thought is based on research from last year which looked at 15 different studies and the result was people ate significantly fewer calories when these types of labels were included.

It’s an interesting thought and obviously not a blanket rule.

For example you and the next person are going to take different amounts of exercise time to burn the same number of calories.

Factors like age, muscle mass, type of activity that you’re doing and the intensity that you’re doing it at are all going to play a part.

But as for whether it should be implemented?

After seeing the findings from that Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health study, I can’t help but think what’s the worst that could happen – people don’t change.

But the best case scenario is they might well change.

Kinda like the warning labels and graphic pictures on packets of smokes these days.

It might be worth a shot to help reverse the obesity epidemic that has resulted in the global rates of obesity nearly tripling since 1975.
Something has to change for the sake of our kids this decade.



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