As with anything in life, it’s easy to say “this doesn’t apply to me”.

Have you ever uttered that?

I know I have.

But I heard something interesting in a lecture I was listening to last week that really made me think and I want to share it with you today:

The one thing you need to change when you would traditionally think that something doesn’t apply to you is to think “how can this apply to me?”

Make sense?

And my challenge for you today in this short message is whenever you’ve ever though that exact line from something I’ve sent to you, 

is to flip the script and ask how it may be able to be applied to you and your situation.

You never know you may be surprised with the answer that comes back at you.

So with that in mind today, I want to ask you who do you know that can benefit from a DPM 10 pack casual pass? 

Sure, it may not apply to you personally, but there may be someone you know who it may benefit.

It’s the perfect compliment for what they may currently be currently doing, 

or the stop gap solution if they can’t commit to any regular exercise cause of your current schedule.

The bonus is they get to join you in your DPM workouts without having to sign up into to a regular monthly commitment.

Click Here To Lock In Your DPM 10 Pack For Only $275

Once you’ve got someone in mind, please pass this email onto them or get them to email me.

Even bring them along to a session (just let me know they’re coming beforehand so I can accommodate them).



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