It seems there’s a bit of dramas in the fast food world right now with some people up in arms about certain chains having to reduce their menus due to product shortages.

People getting their knickers in a knot cause they have to order something else at KFC is definitely something that I thought would’ve summed up 2020.
But here we are.

What a time to be alive hey…

Now obviously fast food options aren’t the only things in shortage right now. All you have to do is walk down the aisle of your local shops to find that out.

The one thing I doubt you’ll find a shortage of is real fresh fruit and vegetables though.

I saw a post on social media from an IGA near me that mentioned how the bigger names are running out o stock while they get theirs fresh from the markets every morning.

Probably a good position to be in right now.

Being the company that goes direct and sources fresh as you can get from the farmers themselves.

Time will tell how long all this lasts for, but it just goes to prove that someone is always in a panic about something, and you can always find a problem if you want to look for one.

I’d prefer to work with what I can control.

Same goes for your health and exercise regime this year.

No point in worrying about what you can’t control around that.

You can’t help if one of the kids has a bad night and you barely sleep.

It is what it is.

You can choose to do something later in the day or you can listen to the body and rest up if that’s what it needs right now – just make the right choice to do something later on in the week so it doesn’t continue to build up.

Cause then we’re in too much exercise deficit for want of a better word.

The main point is having a plan. Be that for what you’re planning to have on the menu each week, or your exercise plan for the week.

Cross off each one you do if that’ll help.

And if you need some extra accountability in making that happen, then you know that I’m here to hold you to that.


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