When it comes to exercise and eating I’m going to say that most people ‘kinda, sorta’ know what they’re doing.

I mean you can work out without much thought that getting outside and going for a walk is good for you.

And if you add in a few exercises, even if you don’t have any equipment, it is going to be better than nothing for the most part.

Stuff like push ups and squats and maybe a plank or two.

They’ll do the job.

And when it comes to eating, well you can’t go wrong with eating fruits and vegetables and a bit of protein here and there.

But then you get a few variables thrown into the mix which is where people tend to get a bit unsure.

Should I do squats if I have bad knees?

Is my form okay?

My back hurts when I do planks. Am I doing it right?

Do I need to cut out carbs?

What about fasting or macro counting?

Why don’t you recommend sit ups?

So while most people kinda sorta know what to do, they’re not always sure if it’s the right thing for them to do.

Hence where someone like me comes in.

And another reason why I still have a business nearly 15 years in.

People like having something that they know will do them good – and they don’t have to worry about whether they should or shouldn’t be doing a particular exercise because of whatever injury or whatever they have.

They also like to not have to think about what to do.

Just following a laid out plan that’s created with a purpose.

And when it comes to the food side of things, knowing if something that they’ve heard about is going to be safe for them to try or best left alone.

There’s all something that we kinda, sorta know how to do, but it’s better to pay someone who knows what they’re doing to do it properly.

If I wanted to, there’s a lot of stuff around the house I could do – or just pay someone to do it for me who knows what to do.

I could’ve done my head in spending a day to put together the trampoline when we got one for the girls at the start of the year, but we chose to pay a bloke to put it together in 2 hours.

No stress on my part and it was finished in probably less than half the time it would’ve taken me.

Sure, I could have read the instructions and tried to do it.

But he does it for a job. He knew exactly what needed to be done so why not take away that un-necessary stress. And F bombs that would have eventuated. 

Same goes for exercise.

I’m here to make it easier for you.

All you have to do is turn up.

And if you know someone who might need help with a bit of a shortcut right now, I’d appreciate you spreading the word.

There’s a few options at DPM that we can discuss about what would work for them.

Appreciate you spreading the word.


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