Had my own Austin Powers moment last Friday.

I was cryogenically frozen.

Well kinda.

More like I went and had a cryotherapy treatment.

You may have heard of it?

It’s going to be the next big thing that takes the world by storm.

My tip is it’ll be the craze of 2018.

That’s my going out on a limb prediction.

Basically, if you’re not familiar with it,

it’s becoming a bit of a thing especially with athletes as an alternative to ice paths.

So perfect for recovery and injury treatment.

There’s also a bit of a theory that it has anti ageing benefits too.

And I thought I’d give it a go for myself and see what the fuss is about.

I got into this chamber which was at -160 degrees.

BUT it doesn’t actually feel that cold.


It’s cold but you can put up with it.

You also wear gloves and ugg boots (as well as your socks and undies) so you’re not going to freeze your extremities.

It only goes 3 minutes so that time flew by.

And I rate it.

You definitely feel revitalised after it.

And the body felt good.

Surprisingly, an issue that I had with my heel went away for the first time in a month or two after it.

I didn’t realise until later that afternoon when I was walking around and realised my heel didn’t hurt.

The pain has come back a little since I went for a couple of walks on the weekend,

but I’m interested to see how it goes, and how my dodgy knees, back and neck feel after going for a few sessions (I locked in for 3).

Have you tried it?

What were your thoughts?

Anyways, sometimes it’s worth trying something different.

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