Just when you thought it wasn’t hard enough already to try and fit in some exercise into what little time you do have,

comes this bit of complete mind numbing dumbness (for want of a better word).

Some space cadets at the University of Queensland found that the current levels of recommended exercise isn’t enough to fight off disease.

Basically, this would mean walking briskly for 15 to 20 hours a week, or undertaking six to eight hours a week of serious running.

Ok then mate.

Well, considering it was Queensland, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised…

But as the article suggests, considering 70% of us are barely getting up off our arse it’s a bit on the hefty side.

Way to be a killjoy right?

Hardly incentivises anyone to get up and do something about the flabby tummy does it?

The good news is, despite what this space cadet says, you don’t need that much exercise.

Truth be told, I don’t even get close to that.

And neither should you.

Not only is it unrealistic considering the hundred and one other things you have to do each day, I’ve been able to prove with our DPM system that all you need to shift those stubborn 5kg or more is as little as one hour a week.

Yep that’s it.

Don’t tell old mate from Queensland though.

Just listen to what one busy mum who did my 4 week transformation last year said:

“It made me feel good. I didn’t feel bloated at all, even just after the first week it was amazing.

Now I feel really good, I’m not as bloated.

My tummy’s a little bit flatter and I’ve got heaps more energy.

I’m getting out of bed.

I’m playing with the kids more which is the best thing”

Yes, that was in only 4 weeks!

So, if that sounds like something you’d like to experience,

but can’t exactly make our sessions in person,

there’s the DPM Online Training Option that just might work.

I’ll give you the customised game plan to help you get rid of those stubborn kgs and the video demos to help you.

of course I’ll also send out the hard copy versions of the DPM Detox and Cookbook too.

Want to find out more?

Check it out here:




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