So Tuesday we road tested for the first time a dual in person and streaming virtual workout at DPM.

I was intrigued and kinda nervous to see how it would all go but it seemed to work well.

Those who attended our usual Observatory Hill morning group got in their usual workout and those who were self isolating and working from home got to join us.

It was pretty easy actually and I just ran it through my phone.

Pretty lucky I guess to have access to that type of technology when even 10 years ago we would’ve had to rely on a dodgy skype connection providing grainy footage.

So if you are stuck at home and missing your regular DPM training hit don’t think it’s all done for now.

You can join us!

Even if that isn’t your usual group you join in on, you’re more than welcome to cop a sleep in or get in an extra workout or two.

It’s Tuesday and Thursday 7:15-7:45am.

And I’ll send you the private zoom link when you hit reply and tell me you want in.

Might as well keep as many of you active as we can right now.

God knows we need it – not only for our physical health, but our mental health moving forward – especially if you are stuck at home and not getting your regular social contact.

And let’s be honest, it’ll probably be the only option we have in a few weeks if things get worse like the rest of the world.

So don’t be shy, join in the game plan.

By the way you are in need of another round of bone broth orders please let me know and if I get enough interest we can do another wholesale run.

Meadow and Marrow have changed their name to Gevity RX but it is the same product as usual.

Probably the perfect time right now to help with some extra immunity boosting nutritional value.

Just let me know what flavour you want and how many.


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