Strange one to start off the week for you.

This is of those things that you couldn’t help yourself from staring at if you came across it.

I’m talking about a new swimsuit that’s apparently ‘all the rage’ that you may have heard of:

It’s called the hairy chest swimsuit.


There’s also versions that come in a tracksuit or t-shirt.

So the deal is you have a normal swimsuit that looks like a blokes hairy chest.

Complete with nipples.

No thanks.

So the $64 million dollar question is would YOU wear it?

Personally, I’m gonna pass,

but hey if that’s your thing “not that there’s anything wrong with that” as Jerry Seinfeld would say.

Anyways, just goes to show there’s something out there for everyone.

And some just want to stand out.

Interested in finding out how I can help you slide back into your non-hairy chested swimsuit?

But something that’ll still make you stand out to your friends.

Have your partner go WOW.

And have em whispering behind your back saying “what did SHE do?”

What about sliding back into those favourite pair of skinny jeans that are hiding at the back of your wardrobe?

Or just feel bit more energised than now?

Next step starts here:



PS – check it out here if you’re not eating breakfast. It’s disturbingly lifelike!


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