Have you ever said these 4 words when ordering at a restaurant?

That’s all well and good if you actually wanted just a salad. 

But if you were saying that because you’re on some type of diet, we’ll then we need to talk. 

That might have been the old way to look at things. 

But it’s hardly healthy both for long term success and also for your relationship with food, or whoever you’re out with for that matter. 

Cause as that famous song on The Simpson’s went many years ago “you don’t win friends with salad” – try getting that out of your head now:) at least it’s better than baby shark though…

The good news is you don’t have to ‘diet’ for want of a better word to get results. 

And you won’t have to count every single ‘macro’ you eat either. 

Sure that works, but it’s also painstakingly time consuming. Which I know you don’t have a lot of. 

Now you may well argue about my ‘3 day detox diet’. What about that I hear you say. 

Well to be honest, you may have me on a technicality. 

That is the name of it. It was something I named many years ago once I realised that it was so successful – and easy to implement. 

And at the time, that was something that was a popular thing people wanted. 

Detox and a diet. 

I wanted to change the way those words were perceived claim them back as such. 

These days I just have never got around to changing the name despite me not really being a big fan of the title these days. I just have bigger fish to fry with my time. 

Anyways the point is the same if you want to lose a few stubborn kilos. 

Eat like that for 3 days. Real food, protein sources, veggies and fruits while staying away from the stronger carbs like breads and rice etc. 

Then you have that carb hit on day 4 and you get to plan in your treat or cheat foods to that mix too. 

So when you’re at a dinner, eat the damned risotto or pasta or whatever your little heart desires.

Don’t be obsessed with eating healthy all the time. Even an 80-20 approach for most of your life is going to be just fine, especially if you’re happy with where things are now.

You just only need to tighten a few things up if you’re looking to drop a few stubborn kilos.

Kinda like me this week after a long weekend away in Melbourne. I know what to change now, and to get back to normal so it won’t take long.


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