There’s a saying in business that to be successful you have to work on your business, rather than in it. 

By that I mean you should be spending more time focusing on the marketing and building it, and employing staff etc rather than being on the tools so to speak (or training people in my instance). 

That’s all well and good, and obviously if you have plans to conquer the world, that’s something that should be a priority. 

To me though, there is a big problem with all of that. 

I guess I’m a bit different, but I actually enjoy being ‘on the tools’. 

The lockdown has reinforced that. 

Sure, it’s cool to sleep in a little bit, and not spend a fortune on petrol, tolls and parking meters. 

But there’s no face to face contact. 

And this reinforces that I really miss that. 

Especially when you work alone.

So for me, being in business, I’d actually rather see people and be ‘in the business’. 

Just don’t tell the ‘gurus’.

I miss the banter. About the footy, the latest Billions episode, and everything in between. 

That’s harder to do on a zoom call, especially in a group setting.

And I don’t need to live in the fanciest house on the street or create an empire that can take over the world.

Years ago maybe that was a thing, but now, I just am happy being little old me and sacrificing a few bucks cause I choose not to work in the arvos so I can see my kids instead of growing a massive empire.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s for me.

So to all those business gurus out there that say I have a ‘job’ instead of a business – who cares.

As long as the DPMers are happy with their training, then so am I.

They won’t have to worry about me farming them off to some rookie I get to work for me.

It’s not cause I’m a control freak, maybe I am, I don’t know, but I actually like seeing people in person. The last 3 and a bit months have reinforced that.

And if you know someone who may appreciate my type of style and personalised focus, please pass this link onto them and I’ll drop them a line to invite them along once they fill in their details.

I figure being in business for 16 years next month must mean I’m doing something right at least.


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