Like a kid on Christmas Eve, I’m a bit excited today.

It’s the last day that we have to isolate for and it’s been a bloody long 10 days I can assure you that.

Especially when everything opened up for most people on Monday.

But tonight at midnight we’re technically free.

Although I’ll be off with the pixies then, I’m more than happy to wait to morning.

I just hope that unlike Christmas Eve when you’re a kid that the day doesn’t drag on forever.

As a kid I remember that day going forever. With my birthday the day before, and Christmas the day after, it just seemed the longest day that never seemed to end.

So tomorrow morning our Saturday morning session is our first session back since the end of June from memory.

That is way too long.

And hopefully we never have to deal with this rubbish again.

But let’s focus on what we can do now.

We’re getting things back on track.

We’re finally able to see people again.

We get our DPM team back again in person!

And I bet you’ve made the most of it this week?

I know I will be this weekend.

Starting with tomorrow.

So any DPMer who got jipped this week when we had to isolate, you’re more than welcome to join in tomorrow too.

8-9am Observatory Hill.

I think I remember how to still get there…

Anyways, I’d love to see DPMers who wouldn’t normally be at that group to join us,

Just send me a reply to this or an sms if you’re planning to join.

The more the merrier.

This is going to be fun.

I’m definitely appreciative of the opportunity to do this again.

See you soon!



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