What’s your take on walking speed?

And where do you stand on the speedometer?

For me, I guess the longer legs compared to some people mean that my pace is a bit faster than others.

Which can make it frustrating when someone doesn’t keep to the unofficial keep left unless overtaking thing when you’re out and about.

Anyways, I’m not here to rant, it’s a Friday in December after all,

Actually with that Friday in December thing, just a heads up that the last offical day of DPM action for this decade(!) is Saturday December 21.

And we’re back on deck as of January 6 2020.

But back to my original point with walking.

I think INXS said it best many years ago – just keep walking.

Did you know that a fast walking pace can predict a longer life span according to research out of the UK?

True story.

The sample size was half a million people so it’s pretty accurate you’d imagine.

The interesting thing was that women had a 12 year greater life expectancy but men had 22 years greater expectancy.

Maybe this is because women traditionally live longer anyway so their increased life expectancy wasn’t as great compared to the men?

The main reason for both increases was theorised as those who prefer to walk faster generally prefer to keep in shape so naturally they lived longer.

Makes sense.

The other reason why I like walking is that it is a great bit of lower intensity exercise, plus it gives me a bit of downtime to myself.

So I can just put on a podcast and get some fresh air (although obviously fresh air is a bit of a misnomer with all the smoke around at the moment) but I figure you get where I’m heading with this.

And this reason, combined with the fact that it can allegedly help increase your life span is as good as any to encourage you to get outside and walk more this weekend – especially at a decent clip.

Enjoy your weekend.




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