Short and to the point so you can get back to enjoying your long weekend. 

Apart from being grand final day yesterday, 

the one day all year I get a leave pass to sit on the lounge and drink all afternoon,

It was another important day. 

The 1st of October. 

Which means we only have the last quarter of the year to go. 

May not mean much to some. 

But, if you told yourself that you were going to finally do something about those stubborn kilos this year, 

Well, to be honest, you’re running out of time if you haven’t done anything about it.

Good news it isn’t too late. 

Well, soon it will be, but now you’re sweet. 

Provided you do something about it, like pretty much now. 

I also get you may be a bit stuck or even down on yourself for letting the year get away from you.

But all is not lost. 

I’m going to help you. 

You see, in 2 weeks I’ll be putting on a live video call where you can get the inside mail on what you should be doing to help lose those stubborn kilos.

Thinking of calling it “Put me in coach!”

Cause just like game 7 in the NBA Finals you need to step up in the 4th quarter if you want to win the Larry O’Brien trophy!

What do you think?

But, in case you can’t make it live, 

it’ll be recorded,

and you’ll be able to ask questions that you have to help you on your mission.

I’ll give you more details on where you can register for it soon. 

Oh, and it’ll be free too. 

So that crosses off another excuse not to pay attention. 

More info to come. 

Until then enjoy the long weekend!



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