Don’t know about you, but when I wrote that line ‘just eat it’, 

the first thing that came to mind was that Weird Ol Yankovic parody of the Michael Jackson song and for some reason now I can’t get that film clip of the guy getting burgers shoved in his face out of my mind.

Random way to start an email off I know, but hear me out.

If you’ve been around long enough, you’ll no doubt be aware that my views on food and nutrition have changed over the years.

So have my exercise views too I guess.

But let’s focus on the food for now.

You see if you get what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got.

Which in some cases was great, but in plenty of other cases, well not much at all.

I realised that while technically what I was saying was true, practically, in the real world of kids and work and everything else going on – well it didn’t really stack up.

Cause the best plan in the world doesn’t mean a thing if people aren’t going to stick to it.

So if you’re wondering why my views on food and weight loss or just nutrition in general have changed over the years – there’s why.

I’d rather someone take a little bit longer to achieve a result that they want because they decided to ‘just eat it’ (or drink it for that matter) when it came to eating something that otherwise would’ve been out of the usual plan,
yet enjoy themselves in the moment then get back onto the plan the next day,

then stay away and try to ‘be good’. When in effect that is leading them to feel miserable in the long run and only setting them up for a fall when they have a bad day and just say stuff it and go to town on whatever.

Yes there’s plenty of other approaches that may work better in the short term, but are they sustainable in the long term?

And is it worth your mental sanity over that long term?

Only you can answer that, but if we’re on a similar page of a similar book, then you know what that answer is.


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